Guaranteed energy service

Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) is a form of a contractual relationship between EPC provider (Energy Service Company, shortly ESCO) and the recipient of this service that is for the purpose of this document a public administration entity.   
The essence of EPC is to provide services in the form of guaranteed energy savings, with the simultaneous energy recovery of assets owned by state administration entity. The ESCO is entitled to the agreed reward. In other words, the EPC provider for allowing the service recipient to reduce their energy consumption (thus indirectly decrease energy costs) to a predetermined value that is contractually agreed and guaranteed by the ESCO for the entire duration of the Energy Efficiency Contract (hereinafter  referred to as “EPC“), will receive agreed repayment.

The subject of EPC is

  • Design and preparation of complex project on energy efficiency, which includes in particular:  
    • Analysis of existing situation 
    • Measures proposal 
    • Planning and adopting measures, project implementation, and trial operation 
    • Securing and demonstrating the guaranteed savings have been achieved 
    • Funding
  • Operation and maintenance of power generating equipment including customer training, monitoring and operation of the entire system
  • Monitoring and assessment of energy consumption after the measures to improve energy efficiency are adopted 
  • Fuel and power provision for performance delivery, particularly in the field of indoor climate quality in buildings, lighting, and operation of  energy -using equipment 
  • Supply of power generating equipment or, 
  • Operation long-term guarantee for the installed new equipment and savings 

Contractually determined values for improving energy efficiency are:

  • Guaranteed energy savings 
  • The duration of contractual relationship 
  • The amount of investment in the reconstruction, operation, or maintenance of the equipment, or in recovery, operation, or maintenance of the building subject to a guaranteed energy service 
    • Other agreed criterion related to energy saving, particularly improving the functionality of the facility 
    • Enhancing the energy efficiency of the facility 
    • Improving the energy performance of a building 
    • Decreasing the price for the services provided 
    • Reducing the operating costs and energy costs  

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